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How to Estimate an aircraft component

Aerospace estimation is a wide topic, and i always thought about estimating perfectly and aircraft part, I found major gap in exactly finding the dimensions of the part. When the customer is providing your company an RFQ(Request for Quote), the first thing as a firm, or as a proprietor or owner of a machine shape… Read More »

Composite porosity and repair step by step guide

This post explains basic steps which is to be followed before repairing a composite structure, which is affected by porosity/bridging. Structural  damages happened to a composite structure may not be identifiable always using naked eye as well as various NDI inspection techniques. Prior to repairing a defect one technician shall analyse the following below mentioned… Read More »

How to view a .CGM file using Siemens JT2GO

  .CGM file is computer graphics Meta file; File is unable to view using designing softwares like CATIA, Hyper mesh e.t.c, But JT2Go developed but Siemens enables to open the file. JT2GO is extension of UG. 1 Download the software and install in the system. 2 Run the setup file 3 Once the 12 MB… Read More »