How to divert mails in outlook to a specific folder

Out look is a compact and robust messenger, with lots of inbuilt functions, recently i came to know how to divert mails from a person or mails which you have subscribed, or even mails which are having repeated keywords. This option in out look can be also used as a spam filter also.First of all… Read More »

How to Estimate an aircraft component

Aerospace estimation is a wide topic, and i always thought about estimating perfectly and aircraft part, I found major gap in exactly finding the dimensions of the part. When the customer is providing your company an RFQ(Request for Quote), the first thing as a firm, or as a proprietor or owner of a machine shape… Read More »

Solid works manual download 279 pages

The SolidWorks® CAD software is a mechanical design automation application that lets designers quickly sketch out ideas, experiment with features and dimensions, and produce models and detailed drawings. This document discusses concepts and terminology used throughout the SolidWorks application. It familiarizes you with the commonly used functions of SolidWorks. This document is for new SolidWorks users. In this document, you are… Read More »

Pay slip template-free download

Pay slip is a miniature document which will be having the details of company in which the employee is working, and the details of salary which is payed for the month he worked, this slip will be provided to the employee on each month. The header of payslip will have the company details like name of… Read More »